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PCUAD generally strives to have no more than forty members at any given time. PCUAD's members are all private colleges or universities that have a student body of at least 5,000 students and serve a constituency of at least 50,000 living alumni (including both graduate and undergraduate populations). The members also have at least five (5) full-time alumni relations staff and an annual budget of at least $500,000, including both operating expenses and compensation, dedicated to the central alumni relations program.

The following requirements apply to all PCUAD members:

  • Attend no fewer than two PCUAD conferences every two years (two conferences are held each year);
  • Complete the annual metrics survey and annual salary and resources survey; and
  • Share equally in PCUAD's annual operating costs by paying dues (currently $400 per year).

PCUAD reviews applications for membership twice each year. For admission prior to the annual January conference, please apply no later than October 15. For admission prior to the annual July conference, please apply no later than April 15. To apply for membership in PCUAD, please complete the online PCUAD membership application. All applications are currently going on a waiting list.

If you have any questions regarding PCUAD membership, please contact the Membership Committee Chair.

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