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The Association of Private College and University Alumni Directors was founded so as to provide its members a forum to share and benchmark information that can improve each institution's alumni programs; to provide professional support to one another; and to serve the advancement profession by doing and sharing research with the profession, enabling staffs to share information with their functional colleagues among our institutions, and supporting the creation of other similar groups.

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The Original 8

In 1999 a group of alumni directors from 8 private colleges and universities in the United States and Canada began working together to devise a rating system to give them, their constituents, and their university leadership a more in-depth measurement and benchmarking system for their alumni relations programs.

For many years, the rate of annual giving by alumni to any given school in a single year has been the only way alumni relations programs were judged. If annual giving is up, the alumni must be happy, and therefore the alumni relations program must be working. But the members of PCUAD felt that was only part of a bigger story.


Summer 2000: Vail, CO

The first conference is held.

This small group began twice-annual meetings, organized purely through a sense of community and without formal structure.

Early participants included: University of Denver, TCU, SMU, Rice, Northeastern, Syracuse, Miami, Pepperdine, University of Rochester, Rochester Institute Of Technology, Villanova, George Washington, Carnegie Mellon, Washington University, Howard, Boston College, Tulane, Abilene Christian, and Case Western Reserve

Early development of MNS

The beginning of a common benchmarking standard took shape under the name "Minimum National Standards" (MNS).

2001 Conferences

Winter: Miami, FL
Summer: Blue Mountain Lake, NY

2002 Conferences

Winter: San Diego, CA
Summer: Vail, CO

PCUAD's First Logo

ca. 2002

PCUAD grows

The group officially incorporates and grows from 8 to 36 members

2003 Conferences

Winter: Las Vegas, NV
Summer: Baanf, AB

2004 Conferences

Winter: Tampa, FL
Summer: Blue Mountain Lake, NY


PCUAD evolves

With a full contingent of members and growing data management needs, the group brings in technical assistance to automate ARAMP data collection and reporting.

The new members-only portal launches at the Summer 2005 meeting to rave reviews.

2005 Conferences

Winter: Sedona, AZ
Summer: Philadelphia, PA hosted by Villanova University

PCUAD's Second Logo

ca. 2005

2006 Conferences

Winter: Malibu, CA hosted by Pepperdine University
Summer: Rochester, NY hosted by RIT

2007 Conferences

Winter: San Diego, CA
Summer: Boston, MA

2008 Conferences

Winter: Chicago, IL
Summer: Miami, FL


The PCUAD salary survey is put online, saving weeks of data reconcilation and report preparation.

ARAMP is also updated to improve performance and accommodate a number of new questions.

2009 Conferences

Winter: Fort Worth, TX
Summer: Rochester, NY hosted by RIT


2010 Conferences

Winter: Atlanta, GA hosted by Emory
Summer: New York, NY hosted by Cornell

2011 Conferences

Winter: Los Angeles, CA hosted by USC
Summer: Saratoga Springs, NY hosted by RPI

2012 Summer: Milwaukee, WI

Hosted by Marquette University

2012 Winter: Stockton, CA

Hosted by University of the Pacific

2013 Conferences

Winter: Malibu, CA hosted by Pepperdine
Summer: San Francisco, CA

2014 Conferences

Winter: Durham, NC hosted by Duke
Summer: St. Louis, MO hosted by Washington



A new survey engine, a new website, and an expansion of services to staff members within member institutions greeted the members at their Winter 2015 meeting.

2015 Winter: New Orleans, LA

Hosted by Tulane University

2015 Summer: New York, NY

Hosted by Columbia University

2016 Winter: Miami, FL

Hosted by Seton Hall and RPI

2016 Summer

Hosted by Seton Hall (Jul 13-15)

PCUAD's last founding member steps down

Kristi Hoban takes on new responsibilities, ending her time serving as the representative for TCU. The July 2016 conference was the first without a founding member present. Thank you, Kristi, for your dedication!

2017 Winter: Pasadena, CA

January 4-6, 2017
Hosted by the California Institute of Technology

2017 Summer: Cambridge, MA

Hosted by MIT

2018 Winter: Houston, TX

January 9-11, 2018
Hosted by Rice University

2018 Summer: Cleveland, OH

July 11-13, 2018
Hosted by Case Western Reserve University

2019 Winter: Atlanta, GA

January 9-11, 2019
Hosted by Emory University

2019 Summer: South Bend, IN

July 10-12, 2019
Hosted by the University of Notre Dame

Future Conference Hosts

January 2020: Tulane University
July 2020: Marquette University
January 2021: University of Denver
July 2021: University of Rochester

Next conference: July 10-12, 2019
hosted by the University of Notre Dame.

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