Association of Private College and University Alumni Directors


ARAMP is an internal assessment tool used for collecting, analyzing and reporting on the effectiveness of alumni relations programs from an operational perspective. This Web-based system is comprised of a flexible survey engine, a customizable scoring engine, a simple and powerful reporting subsystem, and a summarized "Dashboard" view of the most important indicators of a successful alumni relations program.

While there are similarities to CASE's ARBT survey, ARAMP is significantly different in the following ways:

  1. ARAMP is far more granular. Ten years of research and discussion have resulted in a 199 question survey that results in 245 data points. These data points examine every area of alumni relations in depth.
  2. ARAMP does assessment. Calculations are performed on the data to normalize and score each metric according to PCUAD's established benchmarks. Individuals can also create their own weighting scheme and run it against the full dataset.
  3. ARAMP is more than a reporting tool. It's also a comparitive tool. How does your program stack up against another school, both on the raw data as well as the calculated scores?
  4. ARAMP is getting smarter. Future plans include building predictive analysis tools powered by survey data and an intelligent trending tool.


When we built ARAMP, we set out a few goals for the first year of operation (2005).

  1. Make the ARAMP survey engine flexible enough to support any number of questions that accept a quantitative answer and encourage reuse from year to year.
  2. Build a weighting and scoring engine that can support first and second order equations for calculating points for each answer.
  3. Allow individual users the ability to create their own scoring methodology.
  4. Construct reporting tools that are so easy to use nobody needs training. Allow for multiple search criteria and data export in both HTML and Excel format.
  5. Achieve over 90% participation in the ARAMP survey among PCUAD members.

Every single one of these objectives were met.


At any time, we can check on the status of all member surveys.

Reporting tools are simple and straight forward, making comparative (year to year) and competitive (school to school) data easy to find and use.

Using the year-to-year reports you can quickly identify trends in your own data.

Any data point is immediately chartable inside of ARAMP and equally simple to export and re-purpose.